Friday, May 11, 2018

Watch "A Storm Is Coming: Learning the Blues with Coney Island Pete"

I started shooting this film back in 2009. I found Pete, the subject of the film, to be such a unique person and simply wanted to create a short documentary about him and the music that he played.

As time dragged on, the project became bloated. The scope of the film was too wide and didn't have enough of a personal anchor. Other commitments arose and the project quickly fell to the wayside.

As I got older, I realized that the concepts that Pete spoke about were beyond theoretical. Life became harder and the film started to come to life.

After a couple of more jumpstarts in 2013 and in 2015, I finally finished this film in the Spring of 2017. It was the hardest edit I have ever done.

I always welcome your honest reactions and/or comments, positive or negative. Fullscreen it and enjoy!


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