Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Writer's Block

Writing is difficult.  When I was younger, I always dreaded the process, and I still do to some extent.  The possibilities in story are almost endless.  But that chasm of potential often leads to questions about my creativity or lack thereof.  With so many options, why aren't I thinking of something incredible?  Am I truly a storyteller and an artist or just a technician?  I walked up and down my sidewalk the other day, retreading the same path for a good twenty minutes or half hour, probably looking like a loon.  But, it was helpful to struggle through some of these thoughts.

Besides making films, I think it's helpful to extend my creative faculties in other disciplines.  One of my favorite over the years has been poetry.  I would love to publish at least one poem someday.  I've never really shared them anywhere, but I shall here now.

I am walking
Because my mind is barren
It is easier than
The stationary weight of thoughtless mourning
I will continue
To tread this path
'Til I wear a trench in the Earth
Descension into that pit
Before descension into the Pit
A burial of sorts
That is necessary to breathe in my brain
Suffocating that celebration of self
That resides in our souls
Preparing then to scrabble out
And stride on
Toward the next thoughtless morning
And the hope of a spark
Or a forest fire

I also found this short experimental film called Droplets on Vimeo.  It is by filmmaker Simon Fiedler.  It's an incredibly well done film with a message that I can certainly relate to at this time in life.  Enjoy.

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