Monday, February 25, 2013

Her Eye is Full of Light

There are many different approaches to making movies.  Most filmmakers enjoy one or several aspects more than others.  Some enjoy being able to sit back and focus completely on the performance aspects of a shoot while their crew mans the camera, pushes the dolly around, mics the scene, and brings them coffee.  Some are much more lax than others in terms of cinematography and lighting.  Others enjoy running around maniacally, painting props and weathering costumes right up 'til the last available moment.

I'm somewhere in the middle, but edging more towards the fanatic.  In the beginning this was born out of necessity (and mostly still exists for the same reason), but it has always given me time to think and an outlet for my nervous energy.  I remember one particular shoot about 10 years ago where we loaded a shopping cart full of costumes and props and dragged it down into some woods behind Buchanan Elementary School in Davenport, Iowa.  I was crashing through those woods, helping people get their costumes on, dumping syrupy blood on others, and using excessive amounts of duct tape.  And I loved it.

In any case, one of the aspects that I continually focus on (and struggle with) is cinematography.  It is so wrapped up in the fabric of a film that I can't tear a large part of my focus from it.  I like to be on the camera.  I like to be the one shooting the scene.  I like to push record as I call action.  And I hope that in some way, this focus has given me a decent sense of composition.

Half a decade later, after I tore through those blood streaked woods, I took my then-girlfriend Abigail to a hill behind Buchanan and proposed.  This isn't the space for details, but it was a beautiful and blessed time.

My wife enjoys taking photographs and I was looking through some old ones that I found on my computer today (I was supposed to be reading, technology be damned!).  I realize that I often haven't appreciated her talent for taking photographs and her artistic abilities in general as much as I should.  She has a good eye and has made some beautiful images over the years.  Here, I will share only a few that I found gathered in one simple folder on my hard drive.  She has hundreds of other delightful photos as well.  Her eye is indeed full of light.

The lovely lady herself.
Inspiring and beautiful literature for the pilgrimage
Valentine's Day 2011

An uncommon snow in Gimhae, South Korea
Loving the day off together
She loves flowers and I love cake

Descending Circles
Also an artist
Her fruit
Pride comes before a Fall
Currently, I'm researching and seeding a new screenplay.  It is tentatively titled, Chronic Vision, but I wouldn't be surprised if that changes.  More on that later.

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  1. love the blog..... such kinds words about your wife....