Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Restraint: The Power of Celluloid

I picked up a Canon Elan 7e (35mm film camera) last year and have been taking more photos lately. The film stock I have been shooting with is Kodak's Portra 400. It's a vastly different experience than shooting with a digital camera. You can't snap a burst of images each time. You can't take as many photos as you want and then just delete them later. Shooting on celluloid forces you to wait, to be focused and intentional and oftentimes to not take any photos at all.

But once they come back from the lab and you view that beautiful grain and the natural looking highlights and skin tones, it's all worth the wait. I got a few rolls processed a couple of weeks ago. Here is a small selection of those images:

Lydia, camping/breakfast in the Yorkshire Dales

Bug the Great Dane, yawning

Don't Tread on Me, feeding the squirrels and smoking in the park

Rowing toward the bridge in Durham, UK

Dad, lost in thought, wearing a picnic shirt

Film is not dead. Film is king.

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